Friday, March 08, 2013

Surprised by God

I was recently challenged to ask God to give me a surprise, something that would show me his care and love for me as his daughter.

I've been loathe to ask God for a surprise since last year, when I did, and I received two very unpleasant surprises within minutes; surprises with painful repercussions that lasted and continue to last.

So I debated about asking again, but decided this morning in prayer to abandon myself to the hands of a loving father who desires to give his daughter good things.

And I did get my surprise, almost immediately.  However, like the last time, it was unpleasant and painful. A company I worked for was going over last year's books and determined that they had overpaid me for a project by duplicating my invoice and so I need to write them a check and return the money immediately.

I don't think I'll be asking God for any more surprises anytime soon. My faith--and my finances--can't take the body shots.

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