Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Gratitude and Prayer Scorecard

As I write this, Nefer is stalking the door because he has spotted an INTRUDER CAT in HIS backyard. This is apparently something definitely not to be grateful about!!!

As for me, this Sunday I am grateful for:

1. Having gotten the taxes to the accountant. Now I just wait to know the results.
2. Knowing someone with a realio-trulio NY Times best-seller--John Thavis and Vatican Diaries
3. A pedicure--with glittery silver polish
4. The prospect of watching history being made as a new pope is elected
5. Friends who care about me in good times and bad.

Prayer Scorecard:
This may be the most interesting week since I began my scorekeeping. All but one prayer is unanswered and the one that was answered was Friday's unpleasant surprise.
15 No Answer
1 Yes
0 No

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