Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been some time (as in years) since I have written on this, but with a new year...and a new website getting ready to be launched in 2012, I decided that January 1 would be a good day to make a fresh start.

This is, what the title says, my reflections on Ordinary Time, both the liturgical season and the regular days of life.  The things that capture my attention, attract my curiosity, make me wonder and hopefully make me laugh.

The adventures of the Royal Pair, Bastet and Nefer, will be featured and, if I'm lucky, Dispatches from Front, their continual attempts to escape the imprisonment of the house, will appear now and then.
  I figure there will be some news, some links, some reflections and a general glimpse into my world. I hope you will be joining me for life, if it isn't an adventure, isn't worth living at all!