Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm quite bonkers over the tv show LOST. Tonight was a rerun of last May's finale with little subtitle thingies that explained what was going on. I bailed out of my last CPA banquet in May to watch it. I was also quite sick with the fibro at the time, but didn't realize that was what was wrong. Anyway, I watched it again tonight and cried--again--when Charlie died.

I am just completely hooked on this show. It's my oxycontin.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doctor Visit
This is hardly a profound post, but today I went to the doctor for a variety of boring maladies: cyst on my finger, sinus infection, prescription renewal. (The middle one is the reason entry will be short and dull.) Have you ever noticed that when the doctor's office has some decent magazines, semi-seasonal at least, you are instantly called...before you can finish the fascinating article on how long you should keep your eye make-up before you are at risk for pink eye. But when the only thing there is a three year old copy of Birds and Blooms that you've read at least twice before and some Sportsman magazine about hunting with bows, you sit there for at least an hour?

I always mean to take along something to read and then I forget. Next time I'm going to stop at the grocery and get the National Enquirer. When I'm called in, I'll leave it in the waiting room. Want to bet there will be fight going on over who gets it when I come out.

I've purchased a trash mag and taken it on an airplane for a long flight. People sniff and look down their noses at you, but then, after you are done and you put it in the seat pocket, they lean over and sotte vocce, they ask if they might just take a quick glance.

When you carry National Enquirer and Guns, Germs and Steel on a plane and put them both in the seat pocket, you do get strange looks.

Okay, done with winter

I have a short tolerance for winter. One day with snow and I'm done. We are now on day two. This is more than enough winter for me. Even though the temperature said it got above freezing, the snow is still deep on my deck. And the cats are still not happy although I did see little paw prints leading from the cat door, so apparently they aren't leaving me surprises in back rooms.

I was supposed to have had my hair cut today, but the snow prevented me from getting out. I suppose that was a good thing because it forced me to work on the book whose deadline is rapidly---as in almost here--approaching.

In the interest of trying to learn one new thing each day, I read that the last thing we should do before sleep is mentally erase the day. Think of the day as a white board and we need to wipe it clean for tomorrow.

You know how whiteboards get sort of discolored by too much use? That's how I feel about my white board days. They never quite come completely clean. I wonder what I can do to change that? Maybe get a whole new whiteboard.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's snowing here. Or it was most of the day. I've noticed that the cats don't like snow. They find it offensive to their little paws. I feel the same way. I find it offensive to my feet. That's because I no longer own proper snow boots like I did when I lived in Montana. Even though I have spent time in Indiana every winter for the past 15 years, I've managed to avoid buying boots.

Also, I like seeing pristine, unmarked snow. Footprints in the snow aren't attractive and if you don't know who made them, they are creepy.

I'm not sure if the squirrels care about the snow. It has completely covered their corn feeder, however. I'm sure they don't like that. By the way, the squirrels didn't like the roasted chestnuts that I put out at Christmas. I wasn't fond of them either.