Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Envy Ogre

I've said before that now and again I'm visited by the Envy Ogre, a huge and voracious beast who does his best to make sure that I feel like an utter failure in every area of my life, but particularly in my career because I have achieved neither fame nor wealth.

He visited again today when I heard about a blogger acquaintance getting the largest offer for her new book that this particular publishing house has ever made. Yes, you heard that right.  The largest offer the house has ever made.

The EO (Envy Ogre) stomped in the door of my mind and told me that I was never going to be in that position and that I had utterly squandered and wasted any talent I might have had because if I hadn't wasted and squandered my talent I would be the one getting the largest offer ever for my book.

As I was cringing under his attack, I happened upon an article about why being "average" is good enough. In it, the author said:

A life of cumulative ‘average’ acts and successes doing what you love can culminate in an exceptional life.

Think of the backing singer who never makes it big time as a solo artist but spends their life doing something they love, travelling the world and meeting the ‘stars’.
Think of the web designer who creates websites for non-profits without ever getting major design credit but is indirectly responsible for helping process millions of dollars for charity.
Think of the writer who writes a column for the local paper which connects, entertains, directs and informs their local community but never wins a Pulitzer.
The next time you’re reading around the blogosphere lamenting why your blog doesn’t have several thousand subscribers, or you’re wondering how to fill your portfolio with the likes of Nike or Apple, or pondering why you haven’t managed to write a New York Times bestseller, remember this…
You don’t always have to be the best, the most high profile or the most well-connected freelancer to be a success; being average can be more than enough. It can even be exceptional.
 You can read the rest of the article HERE. 

Something for me...and the Envy Ogre...to think about on this chilly March day.

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