Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Gratitude on Monday and Answers to Prayer

I have been neglectful of the blog this past week. I could offer reasons, but they are merely excuses.

So here's Sunday's Gratitude on Monday:
1.  Blueberries.  A friend let me pick a gallon-sack-full of her luscious berries. Big and blue!
2.  Sunshine.  Here in Oregon, it's always important to acknowledge the sun.
3. I've been dealing with some health issues and I think some positive progress is being made.
4. I had a skin "spot" removed and it was taken care of before it developed into something.

5. I put out a bird feeder and while the squirrel spotted it, he didn't figure out how to get to it. He will eventually I'm sure, but for n11ow it's Me 1, Squirrel 0.

And now an update on the Prayers.  I have 19 things on my list right now. (Okay, so I'm needy.  And your point?)

At the moment, the "answer" count stands at:
2 maybe 3 Yesish.  
7 No
11 No answer.

Yes, I realize that doesn't add up to 19.  That's because a couple of the yes answers could be either a "yes" or "no" depending.

For instance, the skin spot.  I had prayed that it would be "nothing."  It was a "something," but it was found early and removed. So it that a yes or no answer?

Another one had to do with some direction in life. I wasn't really clear in my prayer...asking merely to know what to do.  I had a definite preference, however.  If I had prayed for that, the answer would be "no."  But since a door was slammed shut and bolted with about 50 padlocks, I did know what I had to do.  Not what I wanted, but I no longer had a choice.  So is that a yes or a no?

The final yes was a deadend in a road.  So I got a sort of a yes to the prayer, but it also was another stop sign. So is that a yes or a no.

You see my problem with the yeses right now.

As for the no's, they were generally very clear. No. Nada. Not at all. Not happening.

And the remainder go on as they have been since I started this project. Prayers for a future, for resolution, for restoration, for healing, for wisdom...and a couple of right now things that will either be a yes or no.

And with that....

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