Monday, July 09, 2012

That Damn Cat!

I swear I'm never having cats after these go to the great litterbox in the sky.

First Basti kept drinking out the desk fountain so that it would constantly splutter and hiss.  She would sip, listen and if it wasn't hissing enough to suit her, would lap a bit more.  I had to unplug the fountain because she was DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Now Nefer has taken to licking the George Foreman grill.  After I've washed it.  I wash it and let it dry on the rack.  Nefer leaps up and licks the whole thing so that I have to wash it again.  And then he jumps up and licks it again. 

I read once that cats are the only other creatures on this earth besides humans that have the capacity for deliberate sin, only cats will never admit to sinning .  After being driven to the brink of screaming bad words at these two, I believe it. 

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