Thursday, May 03, 2012

Prayer Update

It seems that "be able to meet the deadline easily" is going to be a regular.  Both for asking and for answering.  I asked again today and again today I got a "yes." There are still eight things on the list that are pending, but then they are "big."

But is any prayer really bigger than another?  Does God think some prayers are so big that they take a lot of time to answer?  I don't know.  If any of these "biggies" is answered more quickly than I think possible, that might be a clue.  Just for the record, of my "biggies," my guesstimate of time frames are:
1.  18 months to two years
2.   Anywhere from six months to never
3.   Haven't a clue
4.   Haven't a clue
5.   Month or two
6.   Haven't a clue
7.   Tomorrow or up to a month
8.  Anywhere from six months to never

We shall see.

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