Sunday, May 06, 2012

From the Other Side

About a month after my mother's death, I wrote about seeing her in a dream.

In the dream, she held a Mass card with the date May 12th on it.  I believed that she wanted me to have a Mass said on that day.  Well, I tried.  Every parish I contacted had the date already filled and every priest friend I asked couldn't for some reason.

So here is it, a week before the day and I hadn't been able to fulfill her wish from the other side.  But I decided to go to Mass at 5:30 this evening, something I've avoided because that was the time I always went when she was alive. I would either spend the afternoon with her and then go to Mass or go to Mass and then spend the evening with her.  And it is at the church where her funeral was held, so it has been doubly hard for me to attend.

But today I went and when I was there, I noticed in the bulletin, which I don't normally read, that if you dropped a card in the collection basket, your mother would be remembered at all the Masses next weekend--May 12th and 13th. 

So I wrote her name on a card and put it in the collection basket.  Mother gets her Mass on the day she wanted.

I think she knew how it was going to work out all along.

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