Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Musings

Random thoughts on my mind.

A Burning Desire

I was attempting to repair a drawer in the kitchen that came off its rails and I set it on the counter near the stove.  I apparently accidentally turned on a burner because the drawer caught fire. Fortunately the smoke alarm went off and I was able to dump the flaming drawer in the sink and extinguish the flames.  The back end of the drawer is a wee bit charred, however.  Thank goodness it didn't actually catch the whole house on fire. Deo Gratias.

The Orphanage of Life

Griefwalking is very peculiar. No one told me that I could become very anxious about all sorts of things as I take this journey. However, it does make sense, in a strange sort of way. With both parents gone, there is a strange sense of being an orphan, left alone in the world, despite the fact that I am way beyond the age one thinks of for an orphan.  A sort of existential angst at being without support or love pervades the grief, and comes at odd times and ways.  There doesn't seem to be any way out of it but to go through it.

Pocketful of Rosary

At some point, not quite sure when, after Mother's death, I put one of her rosaries in the pocket of my jacket, where it still is. Despite the fact, I'm not a huge rosary fan (I fall asleep when I try to say it ), I find it comforting to reach in and feel the smooth beads and rough cross as I reach for my keys...which usually share the pocket. I wonder if there is any other more Catholic symbol than a rosary?

Cunning Cats

I'm convinced that when Adam and Eve ate the apple, the cat in the garden took a little lick herself.  That is the only explanation for why both cats and humans are so very very sneaky, determined and willful.  Especially when it comes to eating the leaves off the African violet.  The cats, that is, not the humans.

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