Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Okay, done with winter

I have a short tolerance for winter. One day with snow and I'm done. We are now on day two. This is more than enough winter for me. Even though the temperature said it got above freezing, the snow is still deep on my deck. And the cats are still not happy although I did see little paw prints leading from the cat door, so apparently they aren't leaving me surprises in back rooms.

I was supposed to have had my hair cut today, but the snow prevented me from getting out. I suppose that was a good thing because it forced me to work on the book whose deadline is rapidly---as in almost here--approaching.

In the interest of trying to learn one new thing each day, I read that the last thing we should do before sleep is mentally erase the day. Think of the day as a white board and we need to wipe it clean for tomorrow.

You know how whiteboards get sort of discolored by too much use? That's how I feel about my white board days. They never quite come completely clean. I wonder what I can do to change that? Maybe get a whole new whiteboard.

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