Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Let the Blogging Begin!

This past year has been filled with more than the usual amount of sadness. On the national level, the events of last Sept. 11 have left many feeling vulnerable. The economy has thrown thousands out of work. The priest scandal in Boston and elsewhere has left many of us angry and dismayed at Church leadership. On the international level, the bloodshed in the Middle East reminds us how difficult it is to work for the justice that leads to peace.
In my own life, I had just begun to adjust to the fact that our son would not be coming home for more than a quick visit this summer, but staying and working on campus, when a friend I’ve know since college moved several hundred miles away and then while I was in the shower, my old cat died of sudden massive heart attack while trying to jump on the bed. A few days later my young cat got mauled by a standard poodle and required orthopedic surgery. Plus I had to have a colonoscopy and a mammogram AND a broken tooth repaired.
Sometimes I don’t know how much more I can stand.

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