Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Gratitude and Prayer Score Card

I have a perfectionist streak that says if I'm not writing a perfect blog post I shouldn't write at all...which means I haven't written at all.

Anyone else have that problem?  Perfect or not at all?  I've been working on that and have made some progress, which I will write soon as it's perfect.

Because it's late and I want to start the week's blogging, here is Sunday's Gratitude.

1.  A lovely lily scented votive candle.  I got several for my birthday last year and I decided not to "save" them, but to enjoy this is one of the last.  Its scent is heavenly.

2. Red rhodies along the side of the road. As in blood red for Pentecost.

3. Finding a bracelet I thought I had lost.
4. Trader Joe's chocolate pudding.

5.  Finding someone to put the moss remover on the roof because I don't do roofs.  Never have and never will. (NOT my roof.  I do preventative moss remover!)

Prayer Score Card

Actually, it's the same as last week. 
3 Yes
10 No answer yet


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