Monday, May 20, 2013

A Minor Miracle

I had a minor miracle happen last night.  But then, are any miracles really minor?

About 10 years ago, give or take, I lost my wedding rings. I thought they were still in the house, but I searched every place I could think of...and a whole lot that were the longest of long shots. I found a lot of things that were missing, but never my wedding set. About every six months or so, I would look for them again, but never located them.

Last night, about 11, as I tossed and turned, I felt compelled to go searching one more time. I looked in all the places I've looked before and, of course, didn't find them.  Then, because it was Pentecost, I decided that I would thank God in advance for having shown me where the rings were.  As I went through drawers and boxes, I kept giving thanks for having found the rings.

It was a long night.

About 2 am, as I searched through a small jewelry box that I had looked through at least a dozen times before, I saw a small sparkle.  I dumped the contents of the box into my hand and there, amid some mismatched earrings was my wedding set.

Had it been there all along? If it was, I hadn't seen it all these years.

And why last night? Why that night would I feel compelled to search for something that had been lost for so long?

I don't know.  I just know that I have found the rings and I give thanks for this minor--or not so minor--miracle.

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