Friday, March 01, 2013

February Prayer Scorecard

Since we are already into March, I thought I should give my February Prayer Scorecard report.

5 Yes
3 No
10 Not yet or unclear

I've observed a couple of things in the nearly a year that I've been doing this that seem relevant.

1. There are always more "yes" than "no" answers in a month.
2. There are always more "not yet" or "unclear" than either "yes" or "no" or even the two combined.
3. Often the "yes" isn't instantly recognizable. It seems to take time to unfold. And sometimes, along the way, it gets modified so that the original prayer might be answered "no," but the evolved prayer is answered "yes."

For instance, over the past nine months, a relationship has been gradually healing. It isn't completely healed yet and there are still many unresolved issues, so I can't say  that the healing has occurred 100 %. However, it's not really in the "not yet" category either.

In addition, what I started out praying for in terms of healing has changed as well. At first it was merely restored contact; now it means something more.

So, as I move into March, I'm moving those 10 "not yet" prayers along, with the hopes that at least a few of them will move into the "yes" or even "no" category.

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