Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Gratitude/Prayer Scorecard

Sometimes you have to force yourself to be grateful for something.  As in number one today.

I am grateful:
1. That I made enough money to pay some taxes this year.  And I'm trying not to grumble at how little the IRS thinks I should be able to survive on after they take their share.

2. Chocolate muffins.  Okay, so they are really just chocolate wolf cake in muffin lamb disguise, but I feel better eating a muffin than a piece of cake for breakfast.

3. A good friend who gets me off the ledge when I am in panic mode.

4. A house to clean and boy does it need cleaning.

5. Someone to love and someone who loves me.

Prayerscore Card
I have 16 things listed.
So far, it's
4 Yes
0 No
11 Not Yet
and one that I thought was a clear-cut yes or no that might turn out to be a yes/no in that it might be partially answered. Not quite sure how to categorize that one yet.

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