Monday, September 24, 2012

Pacing the Cage

Bruce Cockburn has a song covered by Jimmy Buffett called "Pacing the Cage." I often have listened to it in the late summer/early fall because it has the sort of melancholy feel that matches my mood this time of year.

I think Nefer feels the same way.  He has been pacing endlessly from window to window, meowlying at the top of his lungs.  Apparently he thinks if he yowls and paces long enough I'm going to throw open the door and let him out into the fall sunshine.

Because I don't do that, he has taken to vaulting over my head to hurl himself out the door each time it is opened. Today, as he used my shoulder as his pummel horse, I caught his hind leg in mid-leap. He promptly dug his claws into my back, which I think is bleeding, but I can't see for sure.  He definitely planted his talons, both to secure himself and to show his disdain.

I think there is some lesson in here. Besides the obvious one of giving up and letting the damn cat go outside.  Maybe it's just that constantly pacing the cage and yelling displeasure at God for not having given me what I want isn't actually going to accomplish anything.  Because God is not above grabbing me by the hind leg when I bolt for the door.

I'm not really sure.

But for now, "Sometimes the best map will not guide you. You can't see what's round the bend. Sometimee the road leads through dark places. Sometimes the darkness is your friend. Today these eyes scan bleached out lands for the comin' of the outbound stage. Pacing the cage."

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  1. Woodeene, I just posted your link and blurb for this article on the Christian Poets and Writers blog. Good word, good work - as always - Mary


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