Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prayer Scorecard.

The road to hell is paved with good intention and certainly the road to blogging is paved with good intentions of regular entries.  I'm trying to ignore how long it's been since I last came here.  I must have good reasons, right?

One thing that I have meant to do for several weeks is give an update on the Prayer Scorecard. Since last May I've been keeping a record of my prayers: Yes, No, Not Answered. I've wanted to see just how many prayers were answered and what those answers are.

Now many of them have been relatively minor and immediate; sort of "daily bread" prayers. Others are much larger and more major. Not surprisingly, the more major prayers are still in the Not Answered category. These deal with relationships, finances, restoration after theft, life direction and other BIG things. Sometimes I'm not quite sure if I will actually know the point when these prayers are answered or if they will sort of just gradually unfold.  However, I do know that at least some of them--like the restoration of my property after a theft--is either going to happen or it isn't so there will be a definite yes or no at some point.

I'm not any more sure now than I was last May why some prayers are answered and others aren't. And I don't understand why some prayers that I've prayed with heart and soul have been denied. (I didn't pray to win the mega-lottery!)

So with that, the 7 plus month tally is:
38 Yes
13 No
13 Unanswered

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