Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Gratitude

I've decided that on Sundays I'm going to simply list 10 things that I am grateful for during the past week. (Unless something really interesting happens and I feel compelled to write about it.) 

So here goes:
1. A room of my own, as Virginia Wolfe said.  A friend of mine gave me free use of an office in his building to start the new year.  I'm hoping the separation of home and work, much like church and state, will help shift energy.  I'm anxious to see what new doors creatively and emotionally can open. 
2. Those who follow me on Facebook will know that over Christmas we had the GSD (Great Sewer Disaster).  This week the soggy carpet was removed and new flooring put down.
3. I got to attend a two-year-old's birthday party. It's good to be reminded just how splendid balloons are.
4. A friend brought me a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference.
5. There was sunshine a few days.  Here in Oregon in winter, one doesn't take seeing the sun for granted.
6. My African violet bloomed.  Since I have a black thumb, any plant that survives deserves a prize. Blooming is above and beyond the call.
7.  I discovered Words with Friends.  I've never been good at Scrabble and I have yet to win a game of WWF, but I'm enjoying the processing of regular loss.
8. I had one stick of rose incense left.  It's my favorite, so to mark Sunday, I'm letting its fragrance fill the room.
9. I remembered to charge my cell phone before it totally ran out of energy.
10. 2011 is over.  It's a new year.  I am grateful to have made it through.

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